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General Data Protection Regulations


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The United Kingdom General Data Protection Regulation (UK-GDPR) is the UK’s data privacy law that governs the processing of personal data from individuals inside the UK. The UK-GDPR was drafted as a result of the UK leaving the EU, which resulted in the EU’s GDPR not applying domestically to the UK any longer. Further information can be found on ICO website via

The Harrow Alternative Provision Academy Trust is registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) Under Registration Number : ZA124711

The Jubilee Academy have reviewed their data protection arrangements to ensure the Trust and school comply with the General Data Protection Regulations introduced.

How does Data Protection legislation protect personal data?

The aim of the GDPR is to strengthen and standardise the safety and security of all data held within an organisation, reflecting changes in technology and the ways in which organisations collect information about ‘individuals’ (data subjects). The regulation provides certain rights which data controllers and data processors must respect.

See for further information on GDPR

How does The Jubilee Academy protect Personal Data?

The GDPR requires schools to keep personal data safe and to have appropriate systems, policies and procedures in place to enable them to comply with their data protection responsibilities.

Please refer to the school’s Data Protection PolicyFreedom of Information Policy and Publication Scheme PolicyData Security Breach Policy and School Management of Records Policy

The school has also updated its Privacy Notices in line with the new laws on data protection.

Privacy Notice - Workforce Staff

Privacy Notice - Governors and volunteers

Privacy Notice - Students and Parents

Privacy Notice - Privacy Notice for Students

Privacy Notice - Visitors and Contractors

Privacy Notice - Job Applicants

Privacy notice - Attendance Data Collection

Requests for Information

The school will follow legislative guidance when dealing with Data Subject Access Requests.

Please refer to Information Commissioner’s Office guidance on Accessing pupils’ information.

As a free school academy, a student or parent/carer (person with parental responsibility/ legal guardian) does not have a legal right to access a child’s educational record. It will be up to the school to decide whether to grant such access.

Please refer to the Information Commissioner’s Office Subject access Request Information for further information.

How to make a request to see information about you?

If you wish to request information we hold about you, please complete the Data Subject Access Form found on the link below and send it to

Any request in writing will be considered from the individual (Data Subject) as a valid request, whatever the format as long as it contains the relevant information to enable us to deal with your request.

How to make a request to see on behalf of someone else?

If you are requesting information on behalf of someone else you must complete the Data Subject Access Request Form and provide written evidence that you have the Data Subject’s authority to ask for the information on their behalf, e.g. signature on the Data Subject Access Form, a letter written by them, evidence of Power of Attorney, etc.

Please complete the appropriate request form and send it to

Data Subject Access Request Form
Police - Section 29 Disclosure Request Form
Completing the Police - Section 29 Disclosure Request Form Guidance

How do you provide your identity?

If you are not known to the school, we may ask to see proof of your identity. The following forms of identity will be accepted as proof of identity:

- A copy of your passport
- A copy of your driving licence
- A copy of your Bank, building society or credit card statement in the Data Subject's name for the last quarter
- A copy of your Council Tax bill

Will you be charged for information provided?

The school will follow guidance within current Data Protection legislation in relation to charges for information.

See for further information.

What do you do if the data is incorrect?

Please contact the school to tell them what is incorrect and ask for it to be corrected. You can also appeal to the Information Commissioner if the school does not correct the information.


We take any complaints about our collection and use of personal information very seriously. If you think that our collection or use of personal information is unfair, misleading or inappropriate, or have any other concern about our data processing, please raise this with us in the first instance.

To make a complaint, please contact our Data Protection Officer.

Alternatively, you can make a complaint to the Information Commissioner’s Office:

Report a concern online at

Call 0303 123 1113

Or write to: Information Commissioner’s Office, Wycliffe House, Water Lane, Wilmslow, Cheshire, SK9 5AF


Contact us

If you have any questions, concerns or would like more information about anything mentioned in this privacy notice, please contact our Data Protection Officer:

Judicium Consulting Limited 

Address: 72 Cannon Street, London, EC4N 6AE 



Telephone: 0203 326 9174 

Lead Contact: Craig Stilwell