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Remote Learning

Remote Learning & Contingency Planning


Click here for Government Guidance on Supporting your children's remote education during coronavirus (COVID-19)

Remote education via our online teaching and learning strategy (TJA Online)

The Purpose

At The Jubilee Academy our primary aim is the safety and wellbeing of our staff and students. We recognise the need for continuity, routine, and predictability for parents / carers and young people and therefore our online teaching and learning strategy has been designed to ensure the delivery of remote education via TJA online utilising Microsoft Teams , even when the school is closed to some of our students. Staff are currently being trained and we will be rolling out student training programme over this half term.


The government guidance issued on Friday 28th August outlining tiers of interventions for educational settings when managing local outbreaks and implementing restrictions, does not apply to Alternative Provision (AP) settings. Whilst AP settings often include older children, these settings are generally smaller than mainstream secondary schools with limited pupil numbers and therefore, with protective measures in place, are lower risk. Therefore, the school will remain fully open to all to provide face to face provision.


With this in mind, we will take all steps possible to ensure students can access TJA online if:

  • Further operational guidance notifying AP’s of restrictions in the local context


  • Individuals or groups of students need to self-isolate, but the rest of the school is still open


  • The school is advised to fully close due to an outbreak in consultation with the Local Health Protection Team/DfE


Remote education via our online teaching and learning strategy (TJA Online)

The school will commence a blended learning approach to support students to experience and learn using electronic devices via TJA online at least once over a two-week period in all subjects (a subject if teacher is teaching  more than one subject), as well as traditional face to face teaching. This will enable the student to feel confident to transition from in class to remote learning when as if the need arises.

We would ask all parents and carers to take the time to familiarise themselves with the information below so that our whole community can support our students and ensure minimal disruption to their learning if their child needs to isolate or the school should be forced to close for any reason. We recognise that students will respond in different ways to this working arrangement.


You can find FAQs by clicking  here which are designed to help families during these difficult times and instruction on how to access the remote learning platforms here


Aims - How will we ensure teaching and learning continues as effectively as possible if a student isolates or because of school closure? 
  • Our aim is to keep our core purpose of teaching and learning continuing as effectively as possible
  • We will expect students to complete all work set - they will receive achievement points as usual for excellent work and effort
  • To keep expectations clear that all work set must be completed including any additional homework
  • Students will need to have access to a laptop/PC and internet access

(please contact the school, as soon as possible, if you require support with this - we have the capacity to provide this for families who do not have a computer or internet connection via )

  • Students will be asked to take their exercise and subject books home to use as well
Current Provision Key Information:
Onsite Provision

We are providing onsite provision for our most vulnerable students and children of critical workers. These students have been assigned to designated learning areas where they will follow their normal school timetable and curriculum, completing work set online by their teachers who are teaching and supporting online, whilst under the supervision of a member of staff.

Remote Online Provision

Most of our students are being educated remotely and are expected to follow their regular school timetable online where they will continue to follow their normal subject curricula. All students have been sent a hard copy of their timetable and have been emailed a copy to their school email address.

All students will be expected to join their class via Teams every day for start of lessons at 09:20. A register will be taken within the first 5 minutes of every lesson. It is therefore important that students are punctual to all five lessons. Contact home will be made where students are absent from lesson.

For ALL students working online, whether at home or in school, teachers have been asked to provide a blend of direct teaching with opportunities for students to conduct work independently.

Through an audio link, the teacher will spend the first part of lesson going through the work set and explaining the tasks that the students need to complete. They will also provide access to digital resources, including recorded teaching via Oak Academy, to support students. For the duration of the lesson the teacher will guide, support and answer any questions via the audio or chat facility.

Work submitted by students will be marked promptly by teachers and feedback will be provided. Students will be given time to respond appropriately and make improvements to their work.

In addition, students will continue to receive assemblies, RSHE and daily coaching sessions online at the usual times.

Home Learning Packs

The school has provided home learning packs in each subject for those students that do not have access to a computer or laptop. These students are expected to follow and complete the work in these packs in which they follow their regular subject curricula.

Students should attempt to work in accordance with their school timetable. All students have been sent a hard copy of their timetable and have been emailed a copy to their school email address.

Contact home will be made on a daily basis to monitor and support students and arrange any further necessary intervention.

Expectations of parents
  • Encourage and support their children to follow the above expectations
  • Ensure their child has logs onto their Office 365 account to access all Microsoft packages available to them.
  • All work will be set on Microsoft Teams for each subject.
  • Ensure their child follows the centralised timetable to complete all set work.
  • Continue to monitor their child’s homework checking the set work against the homework timetable is completed and uploaded to MS teams.

The homework timetable can be viewed on the school website via this link:

  • Check the weekly report received via email from MS teams which will be sent automatically informing them of assignments and homework that have been completed or not.
  • Finding an appropriate place to work and ensure they have some structure to the working day: start and finish times and appropriate breaks
  • Contact the school or subject teacher if there are any concerns
Expectations of Staff
  • Set work daily via Microsoft Teams following the centralised timetable
  • All homework will be set by the class teacher and also through Microsoft Teams as per the homework timetable
  • Ensure high-quality content and resources are placed online at frequent intervals, ensure that material is relevant and understandable to individuals, and suitable for The Jubilee Academy
  • The time allocation for each subject is almost the same proportion of time students would have spent on the subject in school
  • For students with additional needs remote support will be provided to enable students to access the work and liaise with teachers
  • Mark work undertaken by students and provide feedback using the same regularity they would have done if in school via TJA online or using departmental email
  • Provide feedback to students through Microsoft Teams and use achievement points to reward and praise work as normal
  • Inform Senior Leadership Team who will contact parents if there are concerns


Expectations of Students
  • Login to Microsoft 365 account via the school website to access available Microsoft packages
  • Follow the centralised timetable to complete all set work
  • Access Microsoft Teams to complete and upload work that is set by the subject teacher
  • Check the Microsoft Teams every day to view their allocated homework

The homework timetable can be viewed on the school website via this link:

  • Complete and upload homework via Microsoft Teams
  • Use designated departmental email addresses to communicate with their subject teachers and ask questions if they do not understand/require help or are having difficulties.
  • If students do not have access to equipment allowing access to TJA online, they should complete the home learning packs sent to them physically

Microsoft Teams allows students to ask questions about the work if they need to and receive feedback from their teachers

Remote learning rules

If students are not in school, we expect them to follow all of the rules set out in this ICT agreement.

Parents should also read the rules and ensure their children follow them. Parents should contact Mr. Sutherland/DHT – Discipline and Conduct if they think their child might not be able to comply with some or all of the rules, so we can consider alternative arrangements with them and support them with their learning.

Online Safety
  • As we are increasingly relying on technology to keep us all connected in the present climate, it is important that parents are aware of the apps and programs that their children are using. You can learn more about the latest internet safety developments via the school website via this link:
  • Advice and guidance to help parents and carers to keep children safe online during the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak Can be found here: Coronavirus (COVID-19): keeping children safe online
Dealing with problems when a student does not adhere to the ICT rules or refuses to engage

If there are any problems with students adhering to rules around remote learning, including if they don’t engage with the remote learning set for them, an SLT member will contact parents to address any concerns and provide the necessary support.

Where students breach the expectations of behaviour (including ICT Acceptable Use) in the online environment, this will be dealt with under the school’s Behaviour and Preventing Bullying policies.