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The Jubilee Academy

The Jubilee Academy

Student Code of Conduct

The Jubilee Academy trusts all of its students to behave in an appropriate and reasonable manner whilst at school, on educational trips and visits, when representing the school and on the way to and from school. Promoting positive behaviour and regular attendance is the responsibility of the whole school community.

The expectations of students are specified clearly in the school rules and the Code of Conduct (for in and out of lesson behaviour) and will be implemented to ensure an orderly environment where learning can be outstanding for everyone at all times. All students and parents/carers on admission to The Jubilee Academy will sign our Home School Agreement which requires acceptance of and compliance with the behaviour and preventing bullying policies.

Students are expected to act with respect for each other and towards adults. Swearing, inappropriate language and hurtful, harmful, or malicious behaviour will not be tolerated.

Behaviour and Achievement system

The expected standard of behaviour and attendance is supported by the system of rewards and sanctions which follows.

Our rewards and sanction systems include:

  • A wide range of rewards and sanctions available.
  • The use of praise and encouraging language.
  • A formal system of rewards, achievement points and prizes.
  • Rewards for improved effort.
  • Opportunities to reflect on the effects of inappropriate behaviour or absence in the school community as part of everyday teaching and learning.


Sanctions are applied according to a ladder of consequences:

  • C1 – first formal warning.
  • C2 – second formal warning.
  • C3 – third formal warning, plus a 20min detention
  • C4 – ‘remove’
  • C5 – internal suspension
  • C6 – suspension.
  • C7 – review of the placement.