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The Jubilee Academy

The Jubilee Academy

STARS School Travel Plan

We are very pleased to confirm that in 2018 we have been awarded the Gold Travel Plan Accreditation by Transport For London!

Travel to and from School

TJA is committed to ensuring that everyone travelling to and from the school can do so as safely as possible. The school seeks to encourage those travelling to the site to use environmentally friendly modes of transport and to be aware of the needs of those living in the immediate vicinity of the school.

Through the implementation of a School Travel Plan (STP), which will be overseen by the School’s Travel Plan Coordinator (TPC) and in liaison with the London Borough of Harrow (LBH), the overall traffic and environmental footprint of the school will be managed.

The Jubilee Academy promotes a healthy living life style and we encourage all our students to use public transport and/or walk to school. We have attached a walk to school map (see below) which also includes information on public transport and cycle routes. You will note that the map provides a zoned area and if you live within the zoned area it should take no more than 10 minutes to walk to school.

Walking is free, a great way to stay fit and healthy while getting to know the surrounding area. If you live further away, outside the zoned area it may be necessary to come by car but in this case we would request that you stop outside the 5 or 10 minute zone and walk the rest of the way to school. This helps to relieve the congestion around our school while still ensuring you are staying fit.

Take a moment to look at TJA’s School Travel Plan for further information on how the school intends to promote sustainable travel to and from school.


You can use our walking maps and tools to get around: