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The Jubilee Academy

The Jubilee Academy

Pastoral Interventions

External Support Agencies Supporting student well-being at The Jubilee Academy
External Agencies Purpose of Agency Support


Substance misuse counselling/support

Educational Psychologist

Assessment and Access Arrangement
EIS Mentoring
Gang Intervention Support with gang involvement
Groundwork Mentoring - Self-esteem
Ignite Girls Mentoring - Self-esteem & self-confidence
Ignite Boys Mentoring - Self-esteem, self-confidence & gang involvement
Mindfulness Mental wellbeing
Health Clinic Sex & Relationship advice
Space Project Mentoring
Synergy Drama project - self-esteem and self-confidence.
Count Line project.
Talking Therapy CBT, Anger management and Counselling
Grief Encounter Bereavement counselling



When appropriate a Pastoral Support Plan (PSP) is set up by Deputy Headteacher for Discipline and Conduct

Following exclusion parents/carers are contacted immediately where possible. A letter will be sent by post giving details of the exclusion and the date the exclusion ends. Parents/carers have a right to make representations to the Governing Body and the local authority as set out in the letter;

A reintegration meeting (return to school) will be held following the expiry of the fixed-term exclusion and this will involve a member of school staff. We expect parents/carers to attend this meeting and to participate in the review/development of plans to support their son/daughter. All students returning after exclusion will be placed on report as a support measure.


St. Giles Trust

Debunking myths and stereotypes around crime, weapons, gangs, county lines and related issues, challenging the messages in social media and popular culture, de-glamourising the lifestyle and exposing the realities of negative choices such as carrying a weapon.

Equipping young people with practical tools and strategies that they can use to build resilience to risks, such as negative peer pressure and grooming, giving them real knowledge and insights that will help them to make positive choices

Encouraging children and young people to stay engaged with education and take part in positive activities
Equipping parents and professionals with the knowledge, understanding and tools to help safeguard children and young people from becoming involved in gangs and violence



What is the MASH?

The MASH is a shared assessment and planning framework for use across all children’s services and all local areas in England. It aims to help the early identification of children and young people’s additional needs and promote co-ordinated service provision to meet them.

What does the MASH consist of?

  • A pre-assessment checklist to help decide who would benefit from a common assessment
  •  A  process to enable practitioners in the children and young people’s workforce to undertake a common assessment and then act on the result   
  • A standard form to record the assessment
  • A delivery plan and review form

The assessment covers three domains:

  • Development of the child or young  person;
  • Parents and carers;
  • Family  and environment.

Who is the MASH for?

The MASH is aimed at children and young people with additional needs who have needs that are not being met by their current service provision.