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Curriculum and Assessment Maps




Welcome to the PE department. Students at The Jubilee Academy who choose to study PE will have the opportunity to take part in both practical and theoretical elements of the course.  The subject is provided for all students in Key Stage 3 and is an option at GCSE. The subject is delivered by both Mr. Sutherland and Mr. Artrey.

Student progress is regularly assessed throughout the school year. This is achieved through both formative and summative assessment. Students are provided with feedback in line with school’s policy on Teaching and Learning. This will include regular ‘4 part-marking’, as well as through peer- and self-assessment.

Click here for a GCSE PE Student guide

KS3 Curriculum

All students who come to the Jubilee Academy in KS3 will take part in six hours of the subject over a two-week period.

The key focus of KS3 PE is; Health and Practical Performance 

Consisting of:

  • World sports
  • Health, Fitness & Wellbeing
  • Use of Data
  • Team & Individual Sports


KS4 Curriculum

All students who chose PE at GCSE level will study Edexcel GCSE (9-1) in Physical Education which comprises of Four Components.

Edexcel GCSE (9-1) in Physical Education has been designed to provide a smooth progression from GCSE to post 16. It Builds on the understanding developed at Key Stage 3, supporting a smooth transition to the next level of study. It encourages learners to become more competent, confident and expert in their techniques, and apply them across different sports and physical activities. It Helps students develop important transferable skills for progression to the next level, including numeracy, communication and an understanding of practical performances. The blend of scientific and social knowledge positions candidates to access a range of qualifications.

The Practical element is designed to enable all students to further their understanding of the subject though application. Students will be encouraged to engage in physical activity and sport by contextualising the theory and applying their knowledge to their practical performance.


The new PE (9-1) GCSE is 70% external examination and 30% practical assessment – there is no coursework or controlled assessment. This means three examination papers are sat at the end of year 11.

Unit title and description

Assessment and duration



Component 1

Fitness and Body Systems

Written examination

1 hour 45 minutes


Topic 1: Applied
anatomy and

Topic 2: Movement

Topic 3: Physical training

Topic 4: Use of data

Component 2

Health and Performance

Written examination

1 hour 15 minutes


Topic 1: Health, fitness 
and well-being

Topic 2: Sport

Topic 3:Socio-cultural


Topic 4: Use of data

Component 3

Practical Performance

Non-examination assessment

(internally marked and

Externally Moderated)


105 Marks

(35 per activity)

One team activity,

one individual activity

and a free choice

from the list published

by the DFE

Skills in isolation

Skills in a competitive/

formal situation

Component 4

Personal Exercise

Programme (PEP)

Non-examination assessment

(internally marked and

Externally Moderated)


20 Marks

Aim and planning


Carrying out and

monitoring the PEP

Evaluation of the PEP