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The Jubilee Academy

The Jubilee Academy

Our Vision, Ethos and Values

The Jubilee Academy offers a smaller-school experience and a more personalised curriculum than is possible in a mainstream high school. We recognise that for a small number of students there is a need to provide a different experience of learning to unlock their abilities.

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The Jubilee Academy’s vision is to ensure that every student fulfils their promise, develops their potential and reaches or exceeds age related expectations. Our students will leave us being fully equipped and prepared to grasp every future opportunity in their lives.

The Governing Body are ambitious for the school and intend to ensure that every young person is as aspirational for their own future as we are. Each dimension of school life and aspect of the curriculum, together with its supporting organisational structures and systems, is designed to secure this vision.

Our staff and governors know that how we feel affects how we learn and hold this as central to the school ethos. Our approach is characterised by a deep desire to offer new opportunities to students who may have experienced previous difficulties. In doing so, we believe in, and expect the very best of, ourselves, the young people and their families. This is manifested in the achievement of quality standards in curriculum design and implementation - both within and beyond the classroom - and in the exceptional outcomes in students’ academic and personal learning.

The Jubilee Academy values high standards, maximum effort and full commitment to learning and progress. We prize a welcoming, cheerful, caring, safe and disciplined environment where learning can be outstanding for everyone. These values are demonstrated through a ‘tough caring’ approach characterised by high expectations of all members of the school community. Strong pastoral provision, high quality teaching and continuing professional development (CPD) for our staff will ensure that students are held into the pace of learning to make accelerated progress.

With our partners and networks, the school aspires to achieve more than was ever thought possible for, and with, its community.