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The Jubilee Academy

The Jubilee Academy

Mini Summer Exams and Q-TAGs

FAQ’s - Qualification Teacher-Assessed Grades (Q-TAGs) for exams in Summer 2021


How will teachers make judgements on grades?

  • They will use a range of evidence of students’ work, like coursework, practice papers and classwork, to inform their decisions.
  • Teachers will let students know what evidence they will use before submitting grades to the exam board. This is so students can confirm it is their own work, and let teachers know of any mitigating circumstances that might have affected it.
  • Teachers will only assess students based on what they have been taught.


How will we know grades are awarded fairly?

  • Our school will have an internal quality assurance process in place that will take into consideration our results in previous years. This is to make sure teachers’ judgements are not too harsh or lenient.
  • Exam boards will also have their own quality assurance process. They will check that our internal procedure is fair before they process any grades, and they might also visit our school to review evidence from some subjects.
  • We will submit a declaration to the exam board confirming that we have followed the requirements for our internal quality assurance process.


Can we still appeal?

  • Yes, all students will have the right to appeal their grade in accordance with the school’s complaints and appeals procedure found on the school website via:
  • If you appeal, we will carry out a review to make sure we have followed all processes correctly and that we have not made an error in your grade.
  • If we do find an error, we will submit your revised grade to the exam board. If the board is satisfied, it will issue a revised grade.
  • If we do not believe an error has been made, you can ask us to appeal to the board on your behalf. We will share the evidence your teacher used to set your grade, and the board would review it to see if we made the right judgement. If they find the grade, we set is not reasonable, they will provide an alternative grade.
  • If you disagree with the school’s or the exam board’s decision, you can refer the issue to Ofqual’s Exams Procedure Review Service (EPRS). The exam board will have the final say unless the EPRS finds that it has made an error.

TJA Summer 2021 Timeline for GCSE and Vocational subjects


We have designed the TJA Summer 2021 Timeline, which displays the chronological order of events leading up to submission of the Qualification Teacher Assessed Grades by 18th June and following quality assurance period by the exam boards and release of results on
12th August.

Students will sit a set of mini exams week beginning 17th and 24th May, respectively. In effect this leaves only 5 weeks teaching time, and therefore it is imperative your child does not miss any school.


How is the school preparing to support my child?

The school has several interventions in place to support students to gain the best outcomes which include:

  • School assembly to explain the roadmap to Year 11 assessment.
  • Access arrangements support for qualifying students.
  • Coursework and catch-up sessions.
  •  Mentoring, counselling, and other additional support for social, emotional, and mental health needs
  • Teacher in class intervention and revision sessions
  • Exam preparation sessions
  • Availability of School laptops for students to take home and support with homework and coursework completion.
  • A bundle of revision and practise for the core subjects and a ‘How to Revise Guide’.

What can you do to support my child?

  • To come to school to pick up your child’s revision bundle from w/b 18/03/2021.
  • Encourage you to talk through the TJA Summer 2021 Timeline with your child.
  • Ensure they are completing all homework and coursework set for them.
  • Attend a virtual Parent Exam Awareness session on 6th May
  • Watch short advice videos on how to support your child through their revision and exams available on the following link:

  • Further support can be found via the respective exam board links below,

French, Spanish, Combined Sciences -

English Language and Literature -

Creative iMedia -

All other subjects inc. BTECs -