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Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

What happens when an individual student needs to self-isolate or shield for a set period?

The school will email the parents/carers and student their timetable to remind them of their centralised timetable they will need to follow as best as they can.

In addition, parents can view their child’s timetable, conduct points and progress reports via Parent app. You can click here for further instructions on how to do this


Where is my child’s work?

Students should log into their Microsoft 365 account using their school email address. If they go into Microsoft Teams, they will see each their classes where the teacher will share all set work with supportive resources and instructions.

A link to Microsoft 365 is available here


My child is not sure how to access or use Microsoft Teams?

Students will be given lots of guidance on how to both access and use Microsoft Teams.  However, you can click here for further instructions on how to do this


What happens if my child does not have access to a laptop or the internet?

The parent/carer should contact the school either by telephone on 020 3096 1221 and request and make arrangements to collect a home learning pack.


What happens if my child cannot log onto their Microsoft 365 account and/or forgotten their logging in details or password?

If they have forgotten this or need support they should request support from the IT Technician via


When will my child’s learning activities be available?

Teachers will set all work for the week ahead if not by 8.30am every day at the latest, so you can support your child to manage their time well during the day.


How can I check what my child is set for homework and if they have completed their homework?

You will receive a weekly update email from Microsoft Teams detailing what homework has been set in each subject and if your child has successfully completed their homework.


Where should my child complete the learning activity or assignment for homework?

Teachers will set instructions on how your child is to complete the work set and how this should be completed online.


How does my child upload completed work on Microsoft Teams?

Students will be given lots of guidance on how to upload their work via Microsoft Teams.  However, you can click here for further instructions on how to do this


My child does not understand what to do. How can they get help?

All teachers will be contactable through the MS teams or via the departmental email addresses which can be found  here. Please be patient the teacher will endeavour to come back to you as soon as possible.


My child usually sees the school counsellor. What happens now?

The school counsellor will make telephone contact with your child on her usual working days to see how your child is.


My child usually sees the learning mentor What happens now?

The learning mentor will contact mentees via email to check on their progress and wellbeing at regular intervals.


I have a safeguarding issue that I would like to discuss with the school. What can I do?

You can contact the designated safeguarding lead, Mr Boothe or the Deputy Safeguarding lead  on Or via 07734 954968.


My child usually gets extra support in classes. How will they get this?

Learning champions will work alongside teachers to provide resources and support that they would normally receive in class.


My child is eligible for free school Meals. Can you help?

The school is currently providing free school meals on site. If your child is required to isolate for an extended period of time you will need to contact your child’s main school who will support you in accordance to the latest government guidance


How can I contact someone with a question?

For general enquires you can ring the school on 0203 0961221 or email


If your child has problems assessing their student accounts they can email the IT Technician via