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The Jubilee Academy

The Jubilee Academy

Data protection

Coronavirus guidance for parents and staff

As government and global guidance changes on an almost daily basis, we felt it best to reassure you that we are taking all necessary steps in accordance with official guidance which can be found here: -

Whilst the school remains open, we have put measures in place for staff working from home including using and transporting personal data out of school. Select staff will be required to take work home with them. Where possible we have tried to limit data being taken in a paper format to avoid any unnecessary risk to data. We can assure you that for those that do have to take staff data off site, the following measures are put in place: -

  • Staff are discouraged from taking sensitive data off site (like health and safeguarding data) unless absolutely necessary. In addition, this data will be limited to a small number of key staff and will be encrypted.
  • All staff will have access to our cloud-based platform. This means that staff will be able to access data through a secured cloud-based portal without having to take a physical copy of the data off site. Access to data contained on this drive is password protected with a complex password required for all staff.
  • Select staff will take contact details for parents and pupils’ home with them in order to keep them up to date with the school’s ongoing situation. These details will again be kept secured on a secured cloud-based portal.
  • Staff have access to school-issued laptops and ipads which are encrypted OR contain passwords and pin codes on them.
  • Staff have been reminded of their obligations and told to exercise caution when using personal data at home (particularly around other family members who may not be authorised to see it).
  • If paper documents are taken off site, they will be signed out by the relevant member of staff.
  • Staff are not allowed to take data off site using memory sticks.
  • Staff are not allowed to keep files or devices in their cars unattended when travelling home and are advised to keep any physical data they have in a locked draw or cabinet in their house where possible.