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The Jubilee Academy

The Jubilee Academy


Assessment at TJA

Assessment is a crucial part of the learning process. At TJA we use it not only for planning of lessons and to monitor student progress but to inform and encourage students to reflect on their own performance and take responsibility for their own learning.

When students arrive at our school, as part of the transition process, we receive all previous progress and attainment data. Students also complete benchmark tests and a Reading Age Assessment once they start with us so that we are able to fully meet their strengths and greatest needs.

Assessment is the starting point in planning the curriculum and teachers use this data when planning  curriculum and assessment maps, schemes of work and lesson plans. Our curriculum and assessment maps for each subject taught explain not only the content covered, but also set out how the students will be assessed in each subject.

Marking and feedback takes many forms and is carried out in a variety of ways according to what is most appropriate for the given stage of learning and the needs of the students.  We ensure that as part of the our procedures, students are given appropriate exposure to assessments in order that they are prepared for public examinations.

Our assessment, recording and reporting policy explains how we use assessment for learning and one of these methods is quality marking by the teacher.  Where a piece of work is quality marked, feedback will always comprise of at least the following:

  • what the student has done well
  • what they can do to make it better/indication of how improvement can be made
  • opportunity for student to make corrections/improvements
  • teacher comments


To promote the critical importance of Literacy in every area, all teachers across all subject areas mark for Literacy when assessing students work.  

Please see our Marking Policy