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The Jubilee Academy

The Jubilee Academy

Adverse Weather

School Closure Due To Snow Or Other Adverse Conditions

The School will always endeavour to remain open where possible during periods of adverse weather. In the event that the school is left with no option but to close the School Contingency Plans will be passed on to staff, parents/carers and students when appropriate.

The school will inform parents/guardians regarding closing and re-opening via a variety of methods:

  • The local radio stations will be notified: Heart Radio on 96.4, 97.1 or 102.4 FM
  • Updates will be posted on the school website.
  • Where possible, we will email parents via our communication system, Sims Parent App


Closure Before The Start Of The School Day

The decision to close the School will normally rest with the Head of School or in their absence the Executive Headteacher in consultation with the School Business Manager and will be confirmed with the Chair of Governors or, if they are unavailable, the Vice Chair.

The decision shall be made where possible before 6.00 am and on the basis of information received from:

  • The Media about the weather, condition of the roads and paths and public transport
  • On the spot observation, either personally or from staff members (e.g. Site Team) better placed to make such observations
  • Through appropriate external agencies such as the Met Office


Closure During The School Day

On occasions, it may be necessary for the School to close during the School Day i.e. if the weather is deteriorating and there is doubt as to whether students can be returned home later in the day. In such cases the School will ensure that:

  • The School uses the texting service to parents/carers, advises local radio and uses the School Website to inform of early closure
  • Students who have no access to home remain in School until either collected or until parents/carers contact the School with alternative arrangements


Factors Involved In Reaching The Decision To Close The School

Factors involved in reaching the decision to close the School are likely to be:

  • Access to the School, i.e. road conditions (obstructions, snow, ice, flooding etc).
  • Breakdown of School essential services (heating, electrical services, water, storm damage etc.)
  • Consultation with the other Headteachers from the main partner schools so that there is a consistent approach
  • Specific advice received from the Local Authority, Police etc.


In The Event Of The School Being Closed

If the School is closed the following events will take place:

  • The decision will be ratified with the Chair or Vice Chair of Governors
  • The School Website will be updated to reflect the closure
  • The School answer phone will play a short closure message with signposts to other sources of information
  • Parents will be informed via the School Communication system
  • Transportation will be arranged for some students (where appropriate)
  • Notices will be placed on School entrances advising visitors, parents/carers and students that the School is closed
  • The School's Opencheck page will be updated to reflect the current status -
  • All building users including contractors on site will be notified to say school is shut
  • The Head of School will be kept updated during the day of the condition of the site and the likely consequences for the next School Day.
  • The Head of School will consider longer term alternative accommodation if required and any further action as deemed necessary
  • The school will communicate when school is back open using communication channels

Please refer to the below attached for full information on the schools Emergency Closure procedures and policy