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Home Testing

About 1 in 3 people with coronavirus do not have symptoms but can still pass it on to others. Regular testing of people without symptoms is important to help stop the virus spreading and protect your loved ones. As lockdown restrictions gradually ease we all need to play our part to help protect each other.

If you have consented, the home test kits we are sending home through your child are only to be used to test your child twice weekly.

If you’re a member of a household, childcare bubble of an early years child, a pupil, student or staff of a school, nursery or college, you can get a twice-weekly test:
•    through your employer if they offer testing to employees
•    at a local test site : Find your nearest rapid lateral flow test site,
•    by collecting a home test kit from a test site Find your nearest home test kit collection point,
•    by ordering a home test kit online Order rapid lateral flow home test kits,

What twice-weekly testing involves
You will be asked to:
•    take a test twice a week (every 3 or 4 days apart)
•    report every result to NHS Test and Trace on the same day you take the test
Report your test result online or by calling 119,

If anyone tests positive or gets coronavirus symptoms, they should:
•    self-isolate immediately
•    get a PCR test to confirm the result
•    follow the stay at home guidance for households with possible coronavirus infection,


Does my son or daughter have to participate in home testing to attend school?
No. However we would strongly encourage all students to do this as this greatly reduces the risk of an asymptomatic test on-site and keeps our whole community safe.


Can my son or daughter take the test in the evening before, rather than on the Monday or Thursday morning before school?
Morning tests are preferable as there is less chance of getting infected between taking the test and coming into school. The first time your son or daughter does the test you may want to consider carrying out the test the evening before, to become accustomed to the test.


Should my son or daughter swab themselves, or should I do it for them?
Secondary pupils aged 11 should have the test administered by an adult, and pupils and students aged 12-17 should be supervised by an adult but can swab themselves.


What Instructions will we be given on how to perform the test?
Each student will be issued with:

  • 2 x boxes LFD tests which include 3 tests each (a total of 6 tests) for 3 weeks of testing.
  • An instruction leaflet. Please read the information leaflet through with your son/daughter thoroughly before conducting a test. You can also access a PDF copy of this leaflet HERE.

You may also find the following NHS video helpful: An instructional video on how to administer a test


Reporting your results
Please be aware that by taking a test kit home you are agreeing to report the results to both the NHS and the School

You must share your son/daughter’s result, whether void, positive or negative, with the school immediately to help with contact tracing. Your son/daughter’s results must also be reported to NHS Test and Trace as soon as the test is completed either online or by telephone as per the instructions in the home test kit.


Results should be reported in the following 2 ways:

  1. To the School via the form HERE
  2. To NHS Test and trace via this link


If you have problems administering the test

Thankfully there are very few issues in administering tests. However, on occasion an issue may occur. If this happens please follow the below guidance.

  • Clinical issue

If there is a clinical incident (e.g. a swab breaking in the mouth, bleeding, allergic reaction to using the kit etc.) which led or has potential for harm, participants are advised to report it on This is not for seeking immediate medical care. Medical care should be sought through the usual route of contacting 111 or 999.

  • Non-clinical issue

For incidents occurring at home, participants are advised to report any issues (something damaged, or missing or difficult to use in the kit, unable to log result etc.) to 119.

  • Inform the School

Participants should inform their education setting about ongoing test-related problems, so that they can check if this is a wider issue across other users. You can do this via email at


What if the test result is negative?

Those with a negative LFD test result should report this and can continue to attend school, abiding by the relevant protective measures in place.


What if the test result is positive?

If your son/daughter has a positive LFD test result they will need to:

  • inform the school immediately by emailing: The school will then start      their contact tracing process and provide you with further details.
  • Inform NHS via the above reporting mechanism.
  • Your son or daughter must immediately self-isolate in line with the stay-at-home guidance.
  • Other members of the household and childcare and support bubble also need to isolate.
  • Arrange a confirmatory lab-based polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test to confirm the result if the test was done at home. For more information click here:
  • If the PCR test comes back positive. Continue to self-isolate in accordance with the above guidance
  • If the PCR test comes back negative, your son or daughter and the household and bubble members can stop self-isolating with immediate effect.


What if the test result is void?

Please discard the void test and repeat with another test from your supply.


Other Frequently Asked Questions

Why are we testing people without symptoms of COVID-19?

Up to one in three people who have coronavirus (COVID-19) do not display any symptoms.


Is this compulsory?

Testing is voluntary, and you should not be prevented from going into the education setting if you do not take part. The success of this public health measure depends on as many people participating as possible. Self-test kits are available to all students regardless of whether they have taken part in on-site testing.


How often do students need to test?

Staff and students will test at home on a regular basis (twice per week, 3 to 4 days apart) usually before they come into the education setting. See the schedule table above.


How effective are these tests?

LFD tests have been widely and successfully used to detect asymptomatic COVID-19 cases. The speed and convenience of the tests supports the detection of the virus in asymptomatic individuals, who would not otherwise have got tested. LFD tests are approved by the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA). The tests are highly specific, with low chances of false positives. They are also very sensitive and able to identify the majority of the most infectious yet asymptomatic individuals. It is important to remember that these tests are an additional layer of health protection measure in addition to hand washing, face covering and social distancing.


Can all the family take part in at home testing?

The tests that we are providing are only for the use of the person assigned the kits, they should not be taken by anyone else. You can order kits to test your household, childcare bubble or support bubble if at least 1 member:

  • Is a school or college pupil
  • Works in a school of college

Further details can be found here:


What if my son/daughter has had a positive test within the last 90 days?

If your son/daughter has tested positive in the last 90 days they should not take part in the home testing programme.


What if my son/daughter is currently not attending the school site (for example self-isolating or sick) but wishes to take part in home testing?

If your son/daughter is currently self-isolating and therefore not attending school, is showing no symptoms and would like to take part in at home testing a self-test kit can be posted out to them.

Please email us at for further details on how we can arrange this.


What if my son or daughter cannot attend the final test - how will they get their kits?

If you believe this will impact your son or daughter, please email us at  for further details on how to arrange this.


What is the school’s policy on processing personal data?

You can read our COVID-19 Testing privacy policy HERE


Can you please provide a detailed testing schedule?

  • The below table shows the proposed dates to take your morning tests
  • Tests should take place on Thursday and Monday mornings.

Last test in school

Thurs 11 March

Home Test 1

Mon 15 March

Home Test 2

Thurs 18 March

Home Test 3

Mon 22 March

Home Test 4

Thurs 25 March

Home Test 5

Mon 29 March

Home Test 6

Thurs 1 April