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The Jubilee Academy

The Jubilee Academy

Exams Documentation

Please see below for various documents pertaining to exams at TJA

  1. Exams Policy

  2. Examinations Policy 2020-21 Appendix-1

  3. TJA Emergency Evacuation Procedure

  4. Centre Emergency Evacuation Procedure 2020-21 Appendix-2

  5. TJA Summer 2021 JCQ Guidance Centre policy

  6. TJA Exam Contingency Plan

  7. TJA Invigilation Policy

  8. Access Arrangements and Reasonable Adjustments

  9. Supplementary Access Arrangements guidance

  10. TJA Access Arrangements and Reasonable Adjustments Policy

  11. TJA Disability policy (exams)

  12. TJA Word processor policy (exams) with statement detailing criteria centre uses to award word processors

  13. Notice to Centres - sharing of work

  14. Notice to Centres - Informing candidates of their centre assessed marks

  15. TJA Complaints and Appeals Procedure (exams)

  16. TJA Internal appeals procedures

  17. Instructions for conducting coursework

  18. Instructions for conducting non-examination assessments

  19. TJA Non Examination Risk Management Procedure

  20. TJA Non Examinations Assessment Policy

  21. TJA Non-examination assessment responsibilities

  22. TJA review of marking center assessed marks

  23. TJA Plagiarism statement

  24. Warning to Candidates Poster

  25. Unauthorised Items Poster

  26. Information for candidates Using social media and examinations/assessments

  27. Information for candidates - Coursework assessments

  28. Information for candidates - Non-examination assessments

  29. Information for candidates - Written examinations

  30. Information for candidates - Privacy Notice

  31. Instructions for conducting examinations

  32. Appendix A TJA Non-examination assessment responsibilities

  33. Appendix B TJA Non Examination Risk Management Procedure

  34. Appendix C TJA review of marking centre assessed marks

  35. Appendix D Declaration of understanding key responsibilities