Information and Communications Technology (ICT)



  • Mr M.Thomas- Year 10-11, Respite
  • Mr W .James-Respite

ICT Course Aims

  • To produce students with the necessary skills to function in the next phase of their lives.
  • To develop and teach lessons that will unearth creativity, critical thinking and maximise students effort to achieve passing grades from 5-9
  • We expect our students to be at least able to manipulate the basic functions of a spreadsheet

Years 7-8


This aspect of the curriculum is tailored specifically from various sections from a number of participating (Main) school’s curriculum so as to ensure students are keep on par with main school and hence returning is much smoother.


Years 9-10


The Year 9-10 is the platform designed to introduce students to the initial aspects of the 2 year OCR Cambridge National syllabus. The focus is primarily on the compulsory section (Roo1) and Roo2


Year 11


We currently follow the Cambridge Nationals ICT Syllabus.

The selected areas are Roo1 (compulsory), Roo2, Roo3, and Roo5.

These areas are primarily geared towards equipping students with some of the tools needed to function in this techno-suave society.

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